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Dr Becky Wheeler

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Dr Becky Wheeler

Business Development Director

Becky is a technical specialist in the recycling and market development of wastes and by-products. She is a FACTS qualified advisor and a Chartered Scientist through the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists and the Science Council.

Becky started her career in organics recycling in 2005, completing a doctoral thesis at the University of Reading on the plant and soil benefits of some of the first ever compost-like outputs (CLOs).

Since then, she has put her academic background into practice, working closely with producers, end users and regulators of wastes and by-products. After leading our technical team, 4R Environmental Consultants, for the past three years, Becky is now working across the 4R Group focusing on developing secure and long-term partnerships. She also continues to provide technical advice to our clients and partners on the ever-changing legislation, helping them bridge the gap between paper and practice.

Becky is currently Chair of the REA Organics Steering Group, the trade body for the organics recycling industry.

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