From little acorns ten years mighty oaks now!

From little acorns ten years mighty oaks now!

Plain speaking Northern Sales Director for 4R Group, Paul Gilbert, talks about significant milestones and personal achievements during his 10 years in the business.

Why did you decide to jump ship and join 4Recycling?

I’d become increasingly frustrated with the current management structure and decision making processes where I had been working for a number of years. I’d lost some motivation and so when I was invited by Mike to join 4Recycling I jumped at the opportunity, knowing that the time was right for me to try and do for myself what I had been doing for others for years.

How did you feel about a move into the unknown?

I was comfortable with it as we had drawn up a business plan and committed collectively to a 12 month investment period at the end of which we would review our options. In fact the company took off so quickly that we suddenly found ourselves in year 2 and wondered what all the fuss had been about and why we had worried about the risk we were taking!

Did you have a defined role when you first started?

No not really.  We all trusted in each other’s abilities and my role was described as ‘selling in the North’!

As Northern Sales Director what does the role entail?

Principally I oversee and manage both sales and operations in the Northern region. This is an area I have worked in and prospected for many years and it is my responsibility to identify and deliver new opportunities for 4R Groups’ expanding range of innovative waste recycling services.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career at 4R Group?

The management team are all self starting individuals with the skills to get things done and grow our business. So I believe that my career has been shaped by my own motivation and desire to succeed.

What is your most memorable new business win?

This was when we actually got a contract for the work we were doing at Fleetwood. Although we’d been involved there since August 2006 we were without an actual contract until 12 months later when we were awarded a 3 year contract for our efforts. This really cemented an important piece of work for the company and set us up very well at a crucial time in our development.

What is your view of how the company will support environmental regeneration in the next few years?

My view is that we need to focus on supporting environmental regeneration by linking up with the renewable energy plants and providing recycling solutions for the resultant bi-products.

What is your vision for the future of 4R Group?

Simple. For the company to grow profitably, become leaders in our field of work and established as the ‘go to’ provider of waste science and recycling technologies.

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