By-product Sales

4R Group supplies a range of bespoke by-products made from sustainable sources to provide cost-effective alternatives to mainstream fertiliser, soil conditioning and animal bedding. These products offer considerable benefits to the agricultural and horticultural sectors.

Fertiliser Replacement Products

As part of our initial by-product assessments, we establish the "real value" of the material and explore its potential for use as a raw material within another industry or as part of a blend for other products.

Our specific fertiliser replacement and soil conditioning products offer farmers and growers a broader, cost-effective choice for nutrient supply and soil improvement strategies across all crop and soil types.

These products are subject to on-going trials and assessments as part of our commitment to maximise product quality and performance, giving our customers confidence in the products they are using.

In our current economic climate it’s important for growers to look at ways of improving soil performance in sustainable ways, such as using environmentally-friendly materials to enhance the nutrient profile and conditioning of our soils.

Given the pressure to increase yields to feed a rapidly-expanding population, our soils are going to be under ever-increasing demands to perform consistently year in, year out. Our products aim to address these commercial and environmental requirements by offering low environmental impact, with effective and sustainable solutions.

For more information view our Gypsum leaflet

Livestock Bedding

Our proven range of cost-effective animal bedding products is aimed at improving animal health, comfort and the environmentally-sustainable end use of slurries and manures.

Our products are designed to reduce the cost of using traditional bedding products, such as straw and sawdust, while offering greater absorptive properties and control of pathogens and bacteria. They are easy to handle and pose no risk to human or animal health.

The products also offer the benefit of enhancing the nutrient profile and soil conditioning characteristics associated with the applications of manures and slurries on agricultural land.

For more information view our ReBed leaflet

Horticultural & Amenity Products

As part of an on-going product development programme, 4R Group is developing a range of materials to help broaden the choice of soil conditioning and fertiliser replacement products available to the horticultural and amenity sectors.

Our products use sustainably-sourced raw materials that are available all year round, ensuring reliability of supply and consistent high standards. Extensive trials and research programmes are undertaken at our testing facilities in Devon and Yorkshire.

We also work with colleges and universities in the UK, allowing us to access resources and facilities that help to improve and test the products, both under development and for on-going trial work with existing product lines.

For more information view our Gypsum leaflet

New Developments    

In response to growing pressures on producers to control costs while maintaining productivity we continue to develop products that will meet these needs.

Examples of current projects include an ammonium nitrate replacement product and new bedding products. We have an ongoing development programme using other ‘waste’ materials.

We will update this page as our new, innovative products become available. For more information on any of these developments, please contact us.

Looking for scientifically tailored consultancy for environmental regulation and compliance?

4R Environmental Consultants’ experienced team offers a range of services to clients needing expert advice in the areas of Soil Science and Environmental Compliance; Environmental Investigation and Risk Assessments; Waste Assessment and By-product Development.


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