Mobile Biosolids Liming Unit

Mobile Biosolids Liming Unit

The 4R Group has recently purchased and commissioned a mobile Biosolids Liming unit. This unit is capable of lime stabilising up to 30 tonnes per hour of biosolids in accordance with the Biosolids Assurance Scheme lime treatment criteria. The machine operates on a continuous flow basis so the lime addition to sludge can be constantly controlled.

Mixing ratios of sludge and lime are controlled by variable speed motors. Thorough and homogenous mixing is achieved through a plough share mixer. Product quality consistently meets the enhanced standard of treated biosolids, and the treated material shows excellent handling and stockpile weathering characteristics.

Sludge is fed by a loader into the sludge hopper and lime fed to the sludge stream from a lime hopper which in turn is recharged either through a silo linked to level sensors on the machine or from bulk bags of lime.

Treated sludge is stockpiled via a 9-meter conveyor allowing the operator to concentrate on feeding the input hopper and taking deliveries.

The mixing unit is moved via a hook-lift lorry and is compact enough to fit on all but the smallest of sites.

Power is supplied either by a standalone generator or via a 3-phase electricity supply.

The unit offers a significant improvement in quality for lime stabilisation of biosolids and other sludges compared to the use of bucket mixing. Accurate dosing controls also ensure the optimum amount of lime is added giving full compliance whilst maintaining lime input parameters.

The machine is currently available for work complete with operator and loading equipment as required.

For more information or to view the machine please contact us on 0113 232 2400 or email


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