About Us

About Us

4R was founded in early 2006 and has successfully been recycling and recovering a wide range of wastes and by-products to land ever since.

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality operational and technical services specialising in recycling organic wastes and by-products that are beneficial to soils and plants.

We help waste producers make the most of their waste streams, lowering their costs and diverting valuable resources to more sustainable uses.

We also help farmers and land owners to maximise the potential of their soils, adding precious organic matter and balancing the input of nutrients to create good yields or a specific habitat.

We sit on the REA Organics steering group and our customers benefit from our positive relationships with the regulators and key industry stakeholders.

Our Directors’ philosophy is to promote recycling and sustainability, helping producers to make the most of all their waste outputs whilst focusing on improving soil health.

Successful recovery of these valuable resources is beneficial to both producers and landowners, but most importantly it diverts essential nutrients and organic matter from landfill, giving it back to our precious soils and ultimately preserving our environment.

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