Waste Scam Warning Issued to Landowners

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Waste Scam Warning Issued to Landowners

September 14, 2017

The Environment Agency (EA) is warning landowners to be vigilant and not become a victim of waste crime fraudsters.


Organised gangs are known to be targeting farms – especially in the West Midlands area – requesting to store waste that has been baled.


Alternatively, the fraudsters claim they will use the land for other means, such as vehicle storage – and then fill the space with baled waste instead.


Landowners are being duped with the promise of payment for storage, but even if an initial cash payment is made, the further promised monies don’t appear.


Instead the victim is left with land bulging with the waste and clean-up costs that can run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds.


If the waste is not removed or disposed of correctly, the landowner could face a fine and/or custodial sentence.


The waste bales are being transported using curtain-sided lorries and unloaded from lorries using forklift trucks.


Transport and plant hire companies are also being urged to be vigilant and not become a part of this illegal activity.


Marc Lidderth, EA Environment Manager, said “Recent vehicle stops in the West Midlands found HGVs attempting to dispose of potentially illegal waste. These vehicles were stopped and the waste was sent back to the original locations. The Environment Agency and police are investigating.”


The full article can be viewed here http://bit.ly/2x1p3u8.