New EA Consultation on Technical Competence Requirements

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This week, the EA have launched a new consultation on TCM requirements for permitted activities


June 16, 2021

The requirement to have a nominated Technically Competent Manager, or TCM, has been a long-standing requirement under environmental permit conditions for both site and mobile plant permits.


Currently, TCMs are required to be on site for a minimum period each week, although the EA are proposing to make changes to requirements to ensure ‘poor performers receive additional supervision by TCMs to rectify non-compliances and reduce risk’.


The proposals come after TCM reporting requirements were introduced into permit waste returns a couple of years ago.


Three potential options for site attendance requirements have been put forward, including linking requirements to charge bands, standard baseline requirements and bespoke baseline requirements for waste operations and installations.


Changes are also proposed for mobile plant, including landspreading, where minimum qualification requirements for Nominated Competent Persons are outlined. This introduces a requirement for all NCPs to obtain EPOC and complete the Wamitab Continuing Competence tests every two years.


The official consultation documents can be found here.


The consultation closes on the 9th August, we will follow what happens and publish any outcomes here in our blog.


Watch this space!